North Seattle/King County Community Partners,

Thank you for your partnership and support in providing referrals. Check out our Q1 Data Report to see outcomes and other interesting data.

The North King County Aurora Oaks Enhanced Shelter serves adults only and operates at 100% of capacity (60 people). We maintain a [30+] active-referral pool with new intakes estimated to be [1-10] weeks from referral submission. During referral review we prioritize service match appropriateness with our scope of work focused on folks who are unsheltered, chronically homeless, and vulnerable located in North Seattle/King County. We focus on placing folks into permanent supportive housing (see data).

Update — 4-17-2024 — we are closed for referrals again. During the last two days we received nearly 80 submissions. Thank you to the 90+ referral partners, representing over 40 partner organizations, for your support of our Aurora Oaks Enhanced Shelter referral system with your partnership.

We are not accepting referrals at this time.

Contact for additional information or to be added to the referral partner email list.

As current participants exit Aurora Oaks we work quickly to get the next person coming in and will often reach out to the referrer as part of that process. The number of new participants who enter each month varies — most often in the 5 to 10 range.

We no longer accept referrals by fax or email.