North Seattle/King County Community Partners,

Thank you for your partnership and support in providing referrals.

Update for 12-06-2023 — thank you to the 70 referral partners, representing over 20 partner organizations, for your support of our Aurora Oaks Enhanced Shelter referral system — providing 40+ referrals with us in two days. We look forward to working with you on these placements in the coming weeks.

We are not accepting referrals at this time due to the high number of existing referrals already in our system.

The North King County Aurora Oaks Enhanced Shelter serves adults only and operates at 100% of capacity (60 people). We maintain a [20+] active-referral pool with new intakes estimated to be [1-8] weeks from referral submission. Our program works to place folks into housing of many types.

Some Q3 program notes to share:

We placed 33% of the Aurora Oaks census into housing (20+ individuals)

GLA Day Center placed 32 individuals from street to shelter

We anticipate strong placement numbers for November (update – 17 people from Aurora Oaks were placed into housing in November!)

As current participants exit the program we work quickly to get the next person coming in and will typically reach out to the referrer as a first step. The number of new participants who enter each month varies — most often in the 5 to 8 range.

We prioritize entrance by:

Individuals or couples (adults only) experiencing homelessness who are especially vulnerable due to health related problems, individuals or couples experiencing homelessness in the City of Shoreline, individuals or couples in the North Cities.

Contact for additional information or updates.

We no longer accept referrals by fax or email.