At Lake City Partners, we end homelessness one person at a time by building individual relationships that accompany people on their journey – from tent to front door. 

For nearly 20 years, Lake City Partners have been providing shelter and supportive services in the North Seattle/King County area. Today, we are part of a network of non-profit providers, funders, and government agencies working to help people exit homelessness and enter housing in a resilient, sustainable way. Our shared approach prioritizes a housing first, low-barrier approach that is data driven and focused on equitable outcomes. 

The North Seattle King County area has several sub-areas with significant numbers of unhoused people who our programs serve. For example, in the Lake City business district our Day Center serves a 30 day rolling population of over 350 people and our North County Outreach program serves a population of over 500 individuals located in the Shoreline, Kenmore, Northeast Seattle area. 

Our work ends homelessness – one person at a time – and we do that by helping people gain access to housing  through our Shelter and Client Services programs in a way that is resilient and sustainable. 

If you need help with housing, or would like to help people become housed, we welcome you.